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Toronto SharePoint Camp 2010 – I’m Speaking!

March 14th, 2010 No comments

Hello Torontonian SharePointers!

It’s SharePoint Toronto Camp time again. And , I am  scheduled to present on my favorite topic of Best Practices for Developing Applications in SharePoint 2010. For more more information, check out

See you this coming Saturday.

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SharePoint Saturday Toronto Session Materials

July 15th, 2009 No comments

SharePoint Saturday Toronto has come to an end,but it was a very successful event IMO. Almost 200 attendees were able to make it to the Microsoft Campus in Mississuaga, GTA from all over Toronto and beyond…and boy , did you see the rain storm?!

First off – I would like to thank all of the attendees who showed up at my session – Best Practices for Developing SharePoint Applications. I had a blast and a great turnout, with some fantastic feedback and  follow-up questions on my presentation!

Next, I’m so sorry that some folks in the back of the room had to stand up through the entire thing cause there were not enough chairs available! Next year, I will bring a couple of portable chairs just in case 🙂

Last – Here are the code and PPT slides from my presentation at SharePoint Saturday this past weekend in Toronto.
arrow-ico12.gif PowerPoint Slides
arrow-ico12.gif Code

Remember, the safety net of following best practices lets us do our job without an “oops, what the heck should I do now?” kinda moment (See the guy on the second slide!).

Kudo’s to Kanwal, Muhsin and Hasan Shahid to put this event together!

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Session Follow-up:Toronto Code Camp 2009

April 26th, 2009 No comments

First off, Toronto Code Camp is not a SharePoint focused event. Second, my session was scheduled to be the last session of the day (Grrrr 😉 ) and even worse, there were 3 popular sessions (Specially the ASP.NET MVC one) in the same time slot!


Honestly, I was surprised when I saw that the room got packed with a great bunch of enthusiasts who once again were there to validate that how much SharePoint rocks! So, If you attended my session titled “Best Practices for Developing SharePoint Applications“, thank you for showing up. I hope you walked out of the room with some lessons and takeaways!

Arguably, best practices is a very broad topic and it’s tough to wrap it up in an hour and half kinda talk, hence I had to tune my session at a fast pace. If you missed some parts of my presentation , here are the links to the PPT deck and code I used in my session.

arrow-ico12.gif PowerPoint Slides
arrow-ico12.gif Code

Remember, the safety net of following best practices lets us do our job without an “oops, what the heck should I do now?” kinda moment.


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My Talk at Toronto Code Camp 2009

March 10th, 2009 No comments

 Next month, on Saturday, April 25, the fourth annual Toronto Code Camp will be held in downtown Toronto. I’ve had the privilege to present at this event again.

Like any other Code Camps , there is absolutely no fluff or marketing stuff in Toronto’s biggest code camp whatsoever. Find out more about the agenda and speakers at BTW, Toronto Code Camp now has a Facebook group setup at RSVP please if you are planning to attend.

I’ll be presenting the following session:

Turning Chaos into Order: Best Practices for Developing SharePoint Applications

Truthfully there is much more to development with the SharePoint platform than the raw aspects of the technology. While I have been building enterprise-level applications on the top of this great platform for years, I have discovered that there are some common challenges that SharePoint architects and developers often face when building such applications.

 In this session we will explore some of the toughest architectural decisions you may face during the development life cycle of a SharePoint project, how to deal with common real-life hurdles and how to utilize existing best practices, patterns and practices, tools and ideas to ensure that your SharePoint applications successfully transition from development to release.

Update 4/26/2009: Session Follow-up is available here.

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Toronto CodeCamp is only ONE day away!

February 29th, 2008 No comments

In just less than 32 hours , the Toronto CodeCamp 2008 will be held. Over 700 people have registered so far and registration is still open. If you haven’t registered yet ,you’d better hurry! This is an amazing opportunity for learning and networking with peers and industry leaders. Unfortunately, Eli Robillard (Toronto’s Uber SharePoint MVP) has taken a break as he has been so busy these days, but no worries – both myself and Bill Brockbank will be representing the SharePoint community along with bunch of other *great* speakers. I’ll be presenting one session:

Delving into custom authentication providers in SharePoint (02:30 PM – 03:45 PM Room: E.S. Jackson)

For those of you who attended this session in SharePoint user group , because I love you so much and I’d like to see you over and over again , I am coming with a fairly new presentation. I have managed to change the background of my PowerPoint deck, added couple new pictures (Just kidding) LOL …… In all seriousness , I have added the following topics to the previous presentation and got rid of bunch of slides.

  1. Utilities that must be shipped with any FBA implementations (These are NOT the tools we already talked about)
  2. Anonymous Access Challenges
  3. Single Sign ON with other ASP.NET apps
  4. MySites (If time)
  5. A new State Provider that I have just finished developing it (If time)

I’m telling you now that it is going to be a fast-paced session , because my mantra is : To “Share” as many “Points” as possible I also don’t like unreal demos (a.k.a Hello World! – Copied and pasted from someone else’s demo) .You don’t need to listen to my funny accent for those stuff, right?;)As always, I will be showcasing one of my previous projects.

See you on Saturday, March 1.

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