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I will be speaking in the 2nd Annual Toronto SharePoint Camp

November 13th, 2008 No comments

2nd Annual Toronto SharePoint Camp is just around the corner, this year it will be held on 24th of January 2009. Toronto Code camp offical Web site will be updated soon with information about the event. Keep an eye on Eli’s blog for more info.

I will probably deliver two sessions targeting at both admin and dev audiences. For my dev session , I am thinking of an Advanced SharePoint Development Techniques  kinda session for dev loves and Powershell for SharePoint Administrators in the other track . Haven’t made up my mind yet, so I will keep you posted on what comes out of this!

Last two weeks of January is crazy and hectic as hell for me. I will be speaking in Vancouver on 21st , flying back to Toronto on 24th to speak at Toronto SharePoint Camp and then flying to Qatar, Iran, Pakistan and India starting from 25th of January ,staying in each country for 2 days. I suppose I will be dead  on the 3rd of Feb on my way back to Toronto 🙂

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WF Emails NOT Sent Out to the External Users

November 10th, 2008 No comments

We have developed this sequential Workflow that’s automatically kicked off when a registration request is dumped in a custom list in a SharePoint site. The registration can be initiated in a public facing zone and by users who have no corporate account or internal email address ;therefore Workflow must be able to send out emails to the external email addresses such as

In our code , we used SPUtility.IsEmailServerSet(SPWeb) to ensure the mail server is setup and used SPUtility.SendEmail() method (instead of using the Email Activity) to send out email notifications.In our dev machines , we all use stand-alone Mail servers (i.e. smarter mail), so we potentially couldn’t test the email functionality to the external users until we got our code to the QA environment where Exchange was properly configured to handle all mail stuff. In QA environment emails could not be sent out to the external users.

Armed with this command line SMTP mailer called blat , we realized that this was an SMTP relay issue. Here’s what the tool threw at us:

Sending test.txt to
Login name is
The SMTP server does not like the name
Have you set the ‘To:’ field correctly, or do you need authorization (-u/-pw) ?
The SMTP server response was -> 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for

We associated the IP of the WFE to allow SMTP relay. Bammm – Email are NOW SENDING EXTERNALLY!

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DevTech:New Price Discounts and More

November 10th, 2008 No comments

I just thought that I should drop a line and let you know that DevTeach, now, offers new price discounts! I personally enjoy DevTeach , becuase it offers TechEd like content to Canadians derived by top-notch speakers from across Canada and US. If you haven’t looked at their events,I’d highly recommand that you take a look at their Web site to see if you or your organization can benefit from their events.

If you have already enrolled in any of the TechDays events , just be aware that all TechDays attendees can receive $350 off the conference price and all Canadian user group attendees will receive $100 off the conference price too. Last but not least, all attendees will receive $1000 in software (Visual Studio 2008 Professional, Expression Web 2 and the Tech-Ed Conference DVD Set). This is  just a bargain! eh?

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I will be speaking in Winnipeg,Calgary and Vancouver

November 1st, 2008 No comments

It’s now confirmed that I will be speaking as part of the Techdays 2008 tour in Winnipeg,Calgary and Vancouver at the following dates , delivering the same session I presented in Toronto last Week. I had some schedule conflicts which is now resolved and I am good to go!

Winnipeg: December 04, 2008

Calgary : December 11, 2008

Vancouver:January 22, 2009

Can’t wait to see the great SharePoint/SSRS community  in the above cities. I am really looking forward to this.

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