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I will be presenting at Security Education Conference 2009

May 27th, 2009 No comments

SecTor is Canada’s premier IT Security Education Conference and training which is held annually in Toronto. In nutshell, SecTor sheds light on the underground threats and mischief that threaten corporate and personal IT systems.

I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting a SharePoint-focused session at this conference that is titled Security and Application Development in SharePoint and below is the description:

SharePoint goes a long way toward providing a robust security model right out of the box, and it also allows organizations to maintain their own sets of compliance requirements and information security policies. Although the SharePoint platform is secure, you are still responsible for making your applications secure. You must follow security best practices throughout the design and development stages of your business solutions built on the top of this great platform. In this session learn some of the security recommendations that makes your application more secure.

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Working with Structured Data in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (Part 4): SharePoint Designer

May 13th, 2009 2 comments

Summary: Explore different options you have to work with structured data in a high volume while you need to perform complex queries and actions against such data ranging from authoring, approval and landing information on Web Part pages, all the way down to physical storage. This blog post is part 4 of a blog post series that I am planning to write on this topic (31 printed pages).

Applies to: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

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Download this post in PDF version here.


  • Introduction
  • Create SQL data views
  • Add formula and conditional formatting
  • Master/Detail filtering using Web Part connection
  • Master/Detail filtering across two pages via querystring
  • Linked data sources
  • Create your own Data Form Web Part


Office SharePoint Designer 2007 allows you to smoothly integrate your information into a SharePoint site by giving you the ability to combine HTML design elements with the XSLT data transformation, all in a single design interface. It also offers an amazing support for the Data Form Web Part (a.k.a DFWP) that can be utilized to build rich, powerful forms much easier than ever. Data Form Web Parts can take advantage of sending additional input parameters either in query string or Web Part connections. This is extremely helpful to drive dynamic changes in the content that is surfaced on your SharePoint pages and experience an interactive interface using a composite no-code solution.

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