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Session Follow-up:Toronto Code Camp 2009

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First off, Toronto Code Camp is not a SharePoint focused event. Second, my session was scheduled to be the last session of the day (Grrrr 😉 ) and even worse, there were 3 popular sessions (Specially the ASP.NET MVC one) in the same time slot!


Honestly, I was surprised when I saw that the room got packed with a great bunch of enthusiasts who once again were there to validate that how much SharePoint rocks! So, If you attended my session titled “Best Practices for Developing SharePoint Applications“, thank you for showing up. I hope you walked out of the room with some lessons and takeaways!

Arguably, best practices is a very broad topic and it’s tough to wrap it up in an hour and half kinda talk, hence I had to tune my session at a fast pace. If you missed some parts of my presentation , here are the links to the PPT deck and code I used in my session.

arrow-ico12.gif PowerPoint Slides
arrow-ico12.gif Code

Remember, the safety net of following best practices lets us do our job without an “oops, what the heck should I do now?” kinda moment.


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