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SharePoint Saturday Toronto Session Materials

SharePoint Saturday Toronto has come to an end,but it was a very successful event IMO. Almost 200 attendees were able to make it to the Microsoft Campus in Mississuaga, GTA from all over Toronto and beyond…and boy , did you see the rain storm?!

First off – I would like to thank all of the attendees who showed up at my session – Best Practices for Developing SharePoint Applications. I had a blast and a great turnout, with some fantastic feedback and  follow-up questions on my presentation!

Next, I’m so sorry that some folks in the back of the room had to stand up through the entire thing cause there were not enough chairs available! Next year, I will bring a couple of portable chairs just in case 🙂

Last – Here are the code and PPT slides from my presentation at SharePoint Saturday this past weekend in Toronto.
arrow-ico12.gif PowerPoint Slides
arrow-ico12.gif Code

Remember, the safety net of following best practices lets us do our job without an “oops, what the heck should I do now?” kinda moment (See the guy on the second slide!).

Kudo’s to Kanwal, Muhsin and Hasan Shahid to put this event together!

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