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Toronto CodeCamp is only ONE day away!

February 29th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

In just less than 32 hours , the Toronto CodeCamp 2008 will be held. Over 700 people have registered so far and registration is still open. If you haven’t registered yet ,you’d better hurry! This is an amazing opportunity for learning and networking with peers and industry leaders. Unfortunately, Eli Robillard (Toronto’s Uber SharePoint MVP) has taken a break as he has been so busy these days, but no worries – both myself and Bill Brockbank will be representing the SharePoint community along with bunch of other *great* speakers. I’ll be presenting one session:

Delving into custom authentication providers in SharePoint (02:30 PM – 03:45 PM Room: E.S. Jackson)

For those of you who attended this session in SharePoint user group , because I love you so much and I’d like to see you over and over again , I am coming with a fairly new presentation. I have managed to change the background of my PowerPoint deck, added couple new pictures (Just kidding) LOL …… In all seriousness , I have added the following topics to the previous presentation and got rid of bunch of slides.

  1. Utilities that must be shipped with any FBA implementations (These are NOT the tools we already talked about)
  2. Anonymous Access Challenges
  3. Single Sign ON with other ASP.NET apps
  4. MySites (If time)
  5. A new State Provider that I have just finished developing it (If time)

I’m telling you now that it is going to be a fast-paced session , because my mantra is : To “Share” as many “Points” as possible I also don’t like unreal demos (a.k.a Hello World! – Copied and pasted from someone else’s demo) .You don’t need to listen to my funny accent for those stuff, right?;)As always, I will be showcasing one of my previous projects.

See you on Saturday, March 1.

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