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Working with Structured Data in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (Part1):Configuring Single Sign On Service and Database

March 21st, 2009 2 comments

Summary: Explore different options you have to work with structured data in a high volume while you need to perform complex queries and actions against such data ranging from authoring, approval and landing information on Web Part pages, all the way down to the physical storage. This blog post is part 1 of a blog post series that I am planning to write on this topic. (13 printed pages)Applies to: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007See Also:

Download this post in PDF version here.Content:

  • Introduction
  • Creating the Northwind Database
  • Creating the Suppliers List
  • Configuring SSO
  • Additional Resources

Introduction: Data presentation is such a common requirement that it affects just about every layer of a platform on which you build your solution. Structured data must be stored somewhere (right?), so deciding where to physically store your data is just as important as the techniques you leverage to interact with it. Typically, when it comes to working with structured data in SharePoint, you have three options:

1) Keep all your data in a backend system and query it real time. In case this is the first thing that comes to you mind, then you are certainly among those who believe that SharePoint is not meant to be used as a database management system.

2) Keep all your data in SharePoint. In another word, you use SharePoint as your main data repository which means no dependency on any other extra data sources. Less deployment headaches, less configuration and easier maintenance.

3) Use a hybrid approach. It is all about keeping the balance between great features lists and document libraries offer in SharePoint and what database engines can bring to the table. This approach may or may not require some extra work to keep both data structures in sync.

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