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New MOSS 2007 Virtual Machine

October 18th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Microsoft just pushed out a new timbombed virtual machine to the MS download site. You can download it from here. The new image is timbombed for March 2010 which gives you the longest period MS has ever allowed activated machines to operate before they get timebombed.

If you want to learn more about timebomb technique read my posts here, here and here.

<DoNotFeelLikeReading?> In short, these machines are protected by two anti-piracy measures – timebomb and activation. Activation kicks in after the trial is over (30 days) and timebomb destrys the machine at a certain date no matter what (in this case it’s March 2010) . If you opt in on activating the virtual machine using your non-VL MSDN key , you can enjoy SharePoint and its complementray technologies for the next 17 months</DoNotFeelLikeReading?>

Download it today, get yourself familiar with SharePoint and join the wave! ShrePoint Nation!

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