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Reza Alirezaei is a SharePoint 2010 MCPD, MCITP & MCTS!

July 30th, 2010 10 comments

I took all 4 beta versions of SharePoint 2010 exams in three days in May 2010. My transcript  finally showed up, and it shows that I have successfully passed all four exams. So, I am officially a SharePoint 2010 MCITP, MCPD and MCTS (in both Application Development and Configuration).


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A Renewed MVP Again!

July 19th, 2010 4 comments

Gotta love Canada Day that’s the anniversary date for my MVP award!

It’s a late kind of announcement, but just a quick note that I was awarded MVP status again.  This makes it my fourth year as a SharePoint MVP and I’m looking forward to another exciting year of helping the SharePoint developer community through my presentations, upcoming new book (will be announced later), articles and blog posts.

Got a Problem Pairing Your iPhone with Windows 7 over Bluetooth?

May 24th, 2010 4 comments

I’ve been scratching my head for a week on a problem concerning pairing my iPhone with Windows 7 over Bluetooth.

The problem seems to be very common: I would like to enable tethering via Bluetooth (no cable) between my iPhone and my ThinkPad W700 and T61P laptops (OS: Windows 7) and I get all sorts of errors. I tried many different ways that people have recommended to solve the issues, but no dice.

Here are the different errors I got:

  • Adding the device failed because it does not support this type of authentication (Screenshot).
  • Windows can’t connect to your personal area network.Try moving your Bluetooth enabled phone from your computer, and then adding (pairing with) (Screenshot).
  • Bluetooth Peripheral Device — No driver found (Screenshot)
  • The mutual authentication between the local Blutooth adapter and a device with Bluetooth adapter address (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX) failed (Screenshot).

Here is how I solved the issue:

  1. Removed the iPhone from the list of devices installed on my laptop.
  2. Connected the phone to my laptop using its USB cable <– Don’t miss this step!
  3. Turned on the Internet Tethering in the iPhone and enabled tethering over Bluetooth and USB  ( Settings>General>Network>Internet Tethering) <– Don’t miss this step either!
  4. Paired them up while the phone was still connected to the laptop through the cable.
  5. Disconnected the cable once the pairing was completed.
  6. Connected to the phone using the Access Point, as shown in the Figure below.

That’s it! It worked on both my laptops like a champ. Also, a friend of mine who has got the same issue with his HP Laptop for three months managed to solve it by following the same instructions. That being said, I’d assume it should work for some other people, too.

Happy Tethering!

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Now Available for Pre-order: Pro SharePoint 2010 Development

April 18th, 2010 No comments

I am pleased to announce that after several months of working on my second writing project, the book is finally available for preorder: Pro SharePoint 2010 Development. I wrote several chapters of this book and I hope you like them:


The book has shipped to the printer and will be at the bookstores by May 10th. Unless I’m mistaken, this book is the *first* SharePoint 2010 Development book on the shelves for those who might be interested.

Sorry for a couple months break from blogging. I’m back to blogging again, I hope.

My silence certainly does not mean that I’ve been sitting around doing nothing and it does not mean I’ve run dry on SharePoint 2010 topics. Actually, it’s been quite the opposite. My experiences with SharePoint 2010 over the last ten months have given me plenty of ideas to write about, but I had no time to blog them! I’ll try to post more now that I have the book off my shoulder. I’m planning to keep my posts in the same flavor but with the focus on SharePoint 2010 . I have many posts already lined up in my brain and I’ll try to publish them gradually.

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Available For Order:SharePoint 2007 Reporting with SSRS 2008

July 14th, 2009 3 comments

I have been working on a project with Coskun and Jacob for the last three months that has kept my writing more in Microsoft Office Word than this blog!

Finally, it looks like our book titled “Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Reporting with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services” is available through Amazon web site. It will probably head off to the printer first week of August, and is now taking pre-orders for it.

Writing a book was an absolutely new experience for me. I always love big projects , but this was the weiredest one that I’ve ever taken on.The process was much longer than I expected it to be , but as with any other projects in life when it was completed I was beside myself with joy! It is nice to feel like the book is finally really and truly out there! Woo hoo!!

Update 23/March/2010:I have gone through the book , page by page, and took some notes about the things that might have been changed in SharePoint 2010 and SSRS 2008 R2 integration.  I’m pleased to announce that 95% of the material presented in this book is still applicable to the most recent wave of SharePoint and Reporting Services products.  I’ll publish a more detailed change log soon. Thanks/Reza Alirezaei

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