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Good Job Mike!

September 29th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was reading Mike Walsh‘s new book Teach Yourself SharePoint 2007 in 24 hrs over this weekend. A fantastic book for beginners and intermediate users who quickly want to get some brief understanding of the some intresting SharePoint topics.Well, I read/scan read every SharePoint book that comes to the market and I don’t care about the audience. It’s amazing how every single book has something new to offer. Don’t let them slip under your radar , no matter how good you think you are!

Although Mike doesn’t get too deep into the discussions (and that’s because of the nature of the book as everything must be wrapped up in 24 sections), I guess he has covered a good chunk of information and lots of leads on intresting topics not covered anywhere else.No fluff , simple wordings, lots of screenshots and real world content are all among the most obvious positive characteristics of his book. I must say Good job to my fellow MVP!  I am very impressed by your book.

Chapters in Mike’s book that really caught my eyes:

Hour 13 and Hour 14 where he talks about WSS 3.0 Search and leveraging Search Server 2008 Express.

Hour 17  and Hour 18 where he presents OneNote 2007 and Access 2007 Integration with SharePoint.

In short, You can use Access 2007 to report against SharePoint lists. Bascially any SharePoint list can be stored as an Access 2007 *table*, so ineasted of connecting to the lists.asmx Web service (for example in your Reporting Services data source) , you bascially get Access 2007 reporting facilities to report against that list (some restrcitions apply). Needless to say that joins are working nicely too! . Finally reverse operation is also doable: You can add an access table to a SharePoint site as a list.

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