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My Demo Code,Video Tutorial and PPT at Toronto Code Camp 2007

First and foremost, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who came to my presentation in Toronto Code Camp 2007 on March 31st. I had a wonderful time presenting to some great audiences and I really enjoyed meeting so many people after all the sessions were over. As I mentioned during the session, I’m following up on post event resources here. I’ve broken down the information by resource, so it is easier to locate.

Presentation Screencast: download it here and watch it off-line OR watch it on Soapbox below:

Code on CodePlex : The code I had prepared for my demo was way beyond a demo-style code (I am NOT a fan of “Hello World”. I think World deserves more than just saying “Hello” to it :-)). It took me some time to write that code, so I decided to publish it on CodePlex so I can possibly extend it in future and give it a better shape of a project. Click here to browse to the project workspace.

Powerpoint deck:  http://blogs.devhorizon.com/downloads/3TierInWSS_TCC2k7.ppt

Video Tutorial 1 : This is a very simple walk-through on how you can work with the framework I have come up with. Again, download it here and watch it off-line.

Demo Cast:  Coming soon! This is the actual demo I showed people who were attending my session and basically representing whole code I have written.

Additional Pics and Videos from the event: http://www.torontocodecamp.net/Photos/tabid/64/Default.aspx

Feedback: http://www.torontocodecamp.net/feedback.aspx

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